BSD Scotland

Founded in Prestwick, Ayrshire, in 2015, Bi-fold & Sliding Doors Scotland or BSD Scotland for short, emerged from an award-winning legacy in design and construction.  Our mission extends beyond selling windows and doors and our pledge is to deliver uncompromising product excellence, exceptional value, and complete client satisfaction. 

Our product range is crafted with the utmost care, ensuring timely delivery at competitive prices. We strive for perfection in every project, fulfilling the unique requirements of each client, whether for a home renovation or a commercial undertaking.

Our affiliation with the award winning E-Construct Group underscores our authority and excellence in the field, ensuring that every project we undertake is a testament to our dedication and skill. Our distinction lies in our unmatched expertise. Recognised for our craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, our products embody our uncompromising commitment to quality. Specialising in enhancing spaces with natural light and creating elegant indoor-outdoor transitions, we reflect your unique style.

Choosing BSD Scotland means partnering with a team known for its creativity and its rich legacy of excellence. We invite you to entrust your vision to us, as we promise to bring unparalleled quality and craftsmanship to your project. Together, we can transform your space, inspiring and elevating your living experience.

Welcome to BSD Scotland, where we redefine living spaces, expand horizons and realise dreams.

Meet the Team

Derek Shennan
Derek Shennan Director

Derek's wealth of experience and award-winning history in the construction sector, in both residential and commercial environments, lends a strength and authority to our more bespoke projects. When our products have to be carefully designed to suit a particular building environment, Derek's expertise really comes into play. To charge his batteries and refresh his soul, Derek enjoys cycling and rambling the Scottish hills with his dog.

Robin Ghosh
Robin Ghosh Director

Robin's background in architecture, town planning and construction makes him a powerhouse of knowledge for the team! A true creative with a meticulous eye for detail and a drive for excellence, Robin takes an holistic and unique approach to every project he undertakes. Utilising the legacy of his award-winning experience, Robin involves himself with the design of systems and how they integrate with developments. When off duty, Robin enjoys all things mountains! Be it walking, climbing or mountain biking.

Dave Thomas
Dave Thomas Technical Manager

Dave can boast of a long career and extensive depth of knowledge of the aluminium fabrication sector working both on residential and commercial systems. His technical expertise is second to none. In his free time, Dave enjoys returning to his native Wales or pottering about the house, immersing himself in DIY projects.

Dave Thomas
Sylvia Stewart Technical/Sales Manager

Sylvia brings a wealth of experience and a unique blend of skills to our team. A qualified civil engineer, Sylvia has previously excelled as both a design engineer and a building surveyor, showcasing her technical expertise and meticulous attention to detail. Her extensive technical expertise and innovative approach ensure that our clients receive the best-suited products for their needs. Sylvia's role is pivotal in bridging the gap between technical precision and customer satisfaction, ensuring every project meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Her keen eye for detail and commitment to excellence drive our team to deliver outstanding results. When not at work, Sylvia loves spending time with her family and friends as well as having cozy evenings with her beloved pets Nugget and Jax. Sylvia's passion for creating warm, welcoming environments both at home and in her professional life makes her an invaluable asset to our team.

an elegant open plan living-kitchen space in neutral white tone with large white deep-filled sofas with large traditional timber sash & casement windows on

what we VALUE

Excellence, Trust, Creativity, and Empathy.

We strive for excellence in every window and door we craft, ensuring the highest quality and performance. Trust is the foundation of our relationships with customers, built through transparency and reliability. Creativity drives our designs, enabling us to offer unique solutions that transform spaces. And empathy shapes our approach, as we listen and understand your needs, ensuring our solutions enhance your living experience in meaningful ways. 

an elegant living room with a deep blue, plush velvet sofa and button-studed upholstered coffee table decorated with pillar candles and plant - a tall timb


Transforming visions into reality.

Our mission is to deliver bespoke door and window solutions across Scotland, setting new standards of excellence for both domestic and trade clients. We are dedicated to transforming visions into reality, crafting spaces that resonate with the dreams and values of those we serve. Through our commitment to quality, innovation, and personalised care, we aim to exceed expectations and build lasting connections with our clients.

What our clients say