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Discover the elegance and functionality of our Bifold & Sliding Doors and our stunning Front Door ranges and the Bespoke Door Solutions. Each door is a masterpiece of design, offering unparalleled style and performance for your Scottish home or commercial project.

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold Doors

partially open bi-fold door with black finish aluminium frame and 4 full windows showing - view from inside looking out

Enjoy unrestricted views! Available in a range of opening configurations to suit any application, Bi-fold doors have a multitude of opening configurations and can be folded internally or externally and with the opening door at either side, at one end or in the middle to give the option of a double door. The options are endless……

The flexibility of our Bi-fold ranges make them the ideal choice for projects where large, uninterrupted openings are required creating the seamless connection with the inside and outside spaces. The highly-versatile, easy-to-operate system is the perfect option for even the largest project, capable of opening up an entire wall, yet presenting a contemporary, elegant glazed façade when closed. Available in a choice of standard or non-standard colours, including marine grade, metallic, dual colour and with a unique range of textured finishes. All of our door systems are security tested and come with high grade security rated glass as standard comprising of a laminated outer layer which prevents the glass breaking if an attempt on entry is made.

Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

fully open large sliding door - viewed from patio looking into a dining-kitchen room with table and chair in the forefront with kitchen area with breakfast

Frame the beautiful views of your garden and beyond! Our sliding doors provide the maximum light and afford the most unobstructed views of any system when closed and with our wide range of systems and options, you can select and tailor a door system to exactly meet your own specific requirements.…

With a choice of frame sizes, sliding formats and two, three and four pane systems, together with a choice of high-quality hardware and a wide range of colour options, the slim lines of these elegant doors make them the perfect solution for any home.

Open up a wall to create a relaxed feeling of light and space and to frame the beautiful views of your garden and beyond.  All of our door systems are security tested and come with high grade security rated glass as standard comprising of a laminated outer layer which prevents the glass breaking if an attempt on entry is made.

At BSD Scotland we offer a Traditional Sliding Door System and a newer Lift and Slide System which boasts of improved security and advanced energy efficiency. 

Aluminium – Bespoke Single & Double Door Systems

ALUMINIUM Single & Double Door Systems

interior view of a black framed bespoke aluminium single door inset into a A shaped curtain wall of windows on either side of the door looking out onto a t

Truly bespoke aluminium doors solutions!! Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, our range can be used as a slimline door solution for single or French door openings with fully clear glazing or subtle frosting options all coming with our company standard laminate glazing option ensuring the glass becomes impenetrable from the outside.…

Our aluminium doors perfectly complement and match our window range, with the same slim profile stylish lines available in any RAL colour.

Available as open-in or open-out, single or double doors, our single or double door system provides excellent weather and thermal performance, as well as the security assurance provided by PAS 24:2016 accreditation. Security options include a choice of key, lift lever or slam lock multipoint locks.


Front Doors

DESIGNER Aluminium Doors

a front entry hall view of a light finished front door with a long vertical chrome handle in the left foreground there is a console table with ornaments in

Elevate the entrance to your home! Experience the perfect blend of beauty, performance, and security with our Designer Door range, and welcome guests into your home with style and confidence.…

The epitome of sophistication and functionality, our aluminium Designer Door range is meticulously crafted from high-grade aluminium for unmatched durability and style. Each bespoke door not only enhances your home's aesthetic but also meets the highest standards of performance and security. Tailored to fit any architectural style, from sleek modern to classic designs, our doors come with customizable options including an array of hardware, finishes, and accessories. Security at the forefront, we offer the most robust locking mechanisms and a vibrant spectrum of colours making each door distinctly yours. Elevate your home's entry with a door that combines elegance, security, and personalised charm.

SIGNATURE Aluminium Doors

internal view of an open light-plum door with a frosted pane of glass to the left of the door there are two parallel rows of hooks with hats, bag and scarf

The pinnacle of modern elegance! Our Signature Door Range offers unparalleled performance and elegance for your home. Crafted with the next generation of aluminium composite materials, this collection is designed to cater to the sophisticated tastes and security needs of the modern family.…

Our doors boast a variety of new styles, finishes, and accessories, ensuring a perfect match for any home decor, from traditional to contemporary. With an extensive palette of colours, bespoke accessory choices, and a multitude of glazing options, the Signature Door Range offers endless possibilities to create a door that is uniquely yours. Elevate your home's entrance with superior security features, excellent efficiency, and weather performance that stands up to the harshest elements.


external, front on view of a blue timber front door with metal knocker and letter flap

Crafted High Security Timber Doors! We are all about creating entrances that leave a lasting impression whilst providing the highest level of security. Our specialty lies in the art of crafting bespoke timber doors that elevate the aesthetic and value of your entrance. We understand that each client has a unique vision, which is why our custom door solutions are designed to…

meet the highest standards of quality and elegance whilst offering the option of a custom design service ensuring that there is no other door like yours!

Our bespoke service extends beyond just the door itself, we provide a comprehensive package that includes premium door hardware, ensuring a cohesion of style. Whether it’s for a home or a business, our commitment to customization means we can adapt to any size, finish, or style requirement, making each piece a distinct work of art. Choose a door that is as unique as your space. Let us help you make a statement with a door that perfectly reflects your taste and standards."


External view of a light brown front door with a full door-length window pane to the left of the door

A door range like you have never seen before! At the heart of our vision lies a bold reimagining of what doors can look like. Our unique Dominion Door range transcends traditional design, blending innovative materials like moulded patterns and resin finishes that mimic metal, alongside custom-designed pull handles to bring a unique character and design appeal to every door.…

The Dominion Door Range represents a comprehensive solid-core metal door system that caters to both consumer and trade needs. It encompasses a variety of solid metal panel doors in numerous designs, sizes, and finishes, complemented by frames that can be customised with one or two fixed sides, or an optional top side.  The design parameters of the range can extend to openings up to 2.0m wide and 4.0m high. Our door selection extends to a wide array of accessories, including unique integrated knobs, lever handles, bar handles, advanced security locks, both visible and concealed hinges, and cutting-edge home automation features like fingerprint and mobile app entry, ensuring accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges whilst ensuring the highest levels of security.

Crafted from the finest materials, our products guarantee not only the utmost security and longevity but also prioritise our customers' satisfaction. Moreover, the superior thermal efficiency of our door cores offers unmatched insulation and energy conservation, meeting the highest standards for security and environmental responsibility.

Crittall Style Doors

Crittall Style Metal Welded Doors

external view of a slim-line metal grid frame door with full door being apertures of frosted glass

The slimmest metal profile achievable on any door system! Transform your home or commercial space with our custom-made Crittall style metal doors. Designed to flood your interiors with natural light while offering unparalleled elegance through minimalist profiles, our doors blend traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation.…

Whether you need a heavy-duty option for commercial use or a slimline design for your home, our doors are tailored to meet your exact style requirements. Available in a variety of finishes, including galvanised and polyester powder-coated, our range promises durability, style whilst blending with your décor design. Experience the perfect marriage of aesthetics and functionality, ensuring your space is not just an entryway but a statement.