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Bi-fold door systems - Economical and locally manufactured aluminium bi-fold doors UK

Our made to order aluminium bi-fold door systems utilise the latest poly-amide thermal barrier technology. This advanced profile technology creates a thermal transmittance barrier between the cold of the outdoors and the warmth of inside your home. This keeps your home warm in even the coldest of weather and keeps your energy bills down.

The door systems can be glazed with a range of glass to meet your individual specifications. Double glazed or tripled glazed door systems up to 38mm with threshold options available to give improved weather performance. No matter what option you choose all of our door systems will give outstanding energy efficiency.

The bi-fold doors have the ability to fold back either internally or externally with a wide choice of configurations and sizes. For ease of access all of our bi-fold doors do not require you to open all the doors within the system from the centre, like french doors, or from one of the sides like a standard entrance door.

Our aluminium profiles are finished in polyester powder coated paint and are available in a wide range of colours including all standard RAL codes (the most popular Central European Color Standard for architecture, construction and road safety) and finishes which include dual colour, realistic wood structure and metallic paint options. The polyester powder coated paint finish is produced to the highest standard quality assured and comes with a 25 year paint finish guarantee.

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Safety is a key factor in manufacturing bi-fold door systems. This applies to all of our clients but moreso if our clients have children around. To keep children safe all of our bi-fold door systems incorporate safety factors including gaskets to stop the trapping of fingers between the frames, low level threshold door bars for disabled access and anti-slamming systems to prevent unexpected wind closures of open doors.


All of our bi-fold door systems incorporate ultra smooth glide rollers which assist in making opening and closing the door system completely effortless and easy to operate.

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Design & Configuration

Narrow frames and large crystal clear of glass allow even when closed the outdoors to feel part of your home, then when fully open where the seamless integration of outside and inside life come together.

We aim to design and create a door system suitable to meet and exceed your living space and light requirements both now and for the future. We offer a huge variety of options and configurations including individual door sizes, opening methods, frame colour choices, hardware designs, and glazing options all come together to ensure we can fabricate the right door system individually for your needs.

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