Roof Windows

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Designed to blend style with functionality, our ROOF LANTERNS and FLAT ROOF window systems are a low-maintenance, durable, and secure choice; ensuring a wow factor to create a bright, airy space. Explore our collection today.

Roof Lanterns

Roof Lantern / Orangery Roof

Roof Lanterns: bright idea for any home!…

A modern and thermally-efficient roof light solution designed with a contemporary aluminium framework. Crafted for elegance and performance, this system features sleek, thermally-broken aluminium profiles for maximum glass exposure. Promising exceptional security through its innovative construction, our roof lanterns offer unparalleled customization. Available in an extensive array of finishes and colours our roof lights seamlessly integrate with any of our aluminium door or window systems to achieve a cohesive look or a striking contrast. Ideal for a variety of architectural styles, from modern to traditional, and suitable for new builds, extensions, and refurbishments, our Roof Lantern system is low-maintenance, durable, and secure choice, ensuring a wow factor to create a bright, airy space. To ensure our lanterns are practical we have developed an opening system if required to allow a level of natural ventilation to spaces. This can be controlled with a simple remote control operation and connected to a rain sensor to ensure it closes in the event of rain.

Roof Lights


Bringing natural light into the home all year round.…

Our high-performance, high quality Rooflight system is a fixed, flat solution which creates a contemporary look for any property. Providing exceptional thermal insulation, light transmission and noise reduction, the system has been designed to include self cleaning glazing systems. Featuring an elegant and unobtrusive aluminium frame and a unique, concealed fixing system which makes the rooflight fast and easy to install, the system has also been designed such that the glazing unit may be taken out of the frame and replaced, without the frame itself having to be removed, providing a durable, cost-effective and long-life solution.